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Providing advisory, transactional, and litigation legal services to Bergen County, NJ and the NYC Metro area

New Jersey and New York employers and employees alike turn to the experienced employment law attorneys of Fischer Porter & Thomas, P.C. for effective legal counsel and representation. We intervene in cases of complaints of workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, defamation of character, and whistle blowing retaliation. To schedule a consultation regarding workplace environmental policies or any other work-related legal issue, contact a Bergen County employment lawyer at Fischer Porter & Thomas, P.C. We charge $500.00 for these consultations unless other arrangements are made.

Located in New York and Bergen County, New Jersey, the employment lawyers at our firm are often called upon to assist employers in their efforts to prevent employment litigation, by assisting with development and communication of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies. We assist new businesses in the development of employment manuals, severance packages, separation agreements, and clarification of hiring and firing processes. We give informative presentations to employers and management teams.

Our New York and Bergen County, New Jersey employment lawyers have a great variety of work experience outside of the legal profession. We are effective communicators with both employers and employees, as we help our clients find practical solutions. We are adept at conducting negotiations and mediation regarding such problem areas as defamation of character or discrimination complaints in hospital workplaces. We are also available to conduct internal investigations as prompt and effective remediation, litigation prevention, or as part of an employment law defense case.

Our employment law clients in New Jersey and New York have included restaurant owners, manufacturers, professional officers, executives, medical, legal and other professionals, financial officers and a great many other employers and workers. We fight for our employee clients’ civil rights on the job – as well as for our employer clients’ rights to protect trade secrets and enforce restrictive covenants. Most important, we are proud to file suit and take an employment matter to trial to vindicate the rights of ours that have been aggrieved.

Whether you are an employee who may have been subjected to unlawful termination in New York, or an employer seeking protection from lawsuits on the workplace environment in New Jersey. We charge $500.00 for these consultations unless other arrangements are made. Contact Fischer Porter & Thomas’s managing partner Arthur “Scott” L. Porter, Jr. to schedule a consultation.

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